About Us

"There's strength in numbers and our community will help call out vintage t-shirt counterfeiters and give bootlegs the boot."

What is Legiteem8?

Legiteem8 is a vintage t-shirt authentication and appraisal app.

Over the last two decades, genuine vintage t-shirts began a steady climb toward becoming highly covetable commodities as their fashion and collectible appeal skyrocketed. As a result, the market for counterfeits and knock-offs has mirrored this growth. Legiteem8 is a pioneering app for vintage t-shirt wearers and collectors looking to ensure their t-shirts are authentic. It offers free, community-based, legit, and price check services along with premium certifications and appraisals by a team of the world's top experts.

our mission

To empower the community to protect themselves against the emerging threat of convincing counterfeit vintage t-shirts.

SINCE 2004

We've been passionate about vintage t-shirts for nearly 20 years. In 2008 members of our team began focusing on authentication techniques during the first wave of counterfeiting.

How does Legiteem8 work?

It's powered by technology and the community.

Legiteem8 is the world’s first vintage t-shirt authentication app. But we’re also the first authentication app to harness the power of the community. If you’ve got a t-shirt you’d like to authenticate, simply download our app and register. Then upload the required photos and input the essential data and let the social element of Legiteem8 work its magic. Other vintage t-shirt aficionados will weigh in and vote on whether your item is genuine and our system will calculate a score based on community votes. Concurrently, users will also input their appraisals of your t-shirt to help attach an accurate value to it.

We also offer tiers of service beyond our free community listings. You can also have your item assessed by an expert (see below) who can issue a certificate of authenticity, and even a NFT-based version that will reside on the blockchain.

Meet Legiteem8

Our team has a combined 150+ years of experience.

Legiteem8 was created by the vintage t-shirt community for the community. Our app was founded by two long-time vintage t-shirt wearers and enthusiasts and it's powered by a team of the world's leading experts.

  • Amir

    Amir is a long-time corporate executive with 20+ years experience at companies and brands like…

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    Mono has been buying band tees since he was a teen in the late 90s.…

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    Max first got hooked on vintage clothing while going to secondhand shops in college. Like…

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    "I have been collecting for about 17 years now. I come from a thrifting family…

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    Alex grew up going to garage sales with his dad, and after moving to Seattle…

  • Chaz

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    Josh has been collecting vintage Bob Marley tees for about five years. He's a huge…

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why choose us


We offer a free crowd-sourced legit-check model as well as several tiers of affordable premium expert services.


Users will begin getting feedback from the community a few short hours after their submission is accepted.

Accuracy and assurance

Our premium services include a digital-based authenticity certification issued by vintage t-shirt experts.


We've harnessed the blockchain to offer our certificates in NFT format, for digital-based provenance tracking.


Our community supports, empowers and educates fellow users against the growing issue of bootlegs.


Our team features many of the most trusted figures in the vintage t-shirt market for the last two decades.


Our team members have been celebrated been recognized for their individual contributions to the vintage t-shirt market.