Max first got hooked on vintage clothing while going to secondhand shops in college. Like most folks, he began selling thrift shop shirts on eBay and turned those profits into shirts from his favorite bands. Then one day he got a copy of the Vintage Rock T-Shirts book by Johan Kugelberg.

After learning about what was really out there he began searching for the best of the best and it’s been a passion (sickness?) ever since. He owns the world's best collections of vintage Rolling Stones tees from the 60s/70s and has several Fillmore era and pop festival shirts.

His collection and knowledge are mostly focused on 70s rock, often showcased via @maxsnaps on Instagram. He's incredibly thorough and resourceful when it comes to researching the history and authenticity of vintage t-shirts. He especially loves is finding pictures of old shirts being worn back in the day.

  • Expertise: 60s, 70s Rock. Rolling Stones, Fillmore/Pop Festival, Ritva Man
  • Years of Experience: 10+
  • Location: Midwest, USA

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