Legiteem8 Booth at ThriftCon in Los Angeles December 11

Legiteem8 Booth at ThriftCon in Los Angeles December 11

We're extremely excited to announce we'll be setting up a booth at ThrifCon on Sunday, December 11, 2022! We've been working with the guys at ThriftCon since August when they invited us as guests on their "Tee Time" podcast.

More recently we had posters present at their Vegas event - that even led to one of their vendors using our service, mid-event - to authenticate a grail.

But being there in spirit just wasn't enough, and the fear of missing out finally got the best of us. So we're going all out for their Los Angeles event, with a centrally located 20x20 booth, that will have plenty of surprises in store for the ThriftCon attendees.

Measuring Tapes Giveaway (while supplies last!)
What vintage t-shirt head can't use a compact, badass new measuring tape? We'll be giving away 1500 to the attendees. We'll have a rep on hand in front of our booth distributing them to attendees. So come by, say hello and we'll be happy to give you one

pH Detectors Giveaway (while supplies last!)
Hey, we know the threat of dry rot is real. So we're giving away 300 pH detectors! Visit our booth, flash your phone with the app installed and you'll get one! (while supplies last!) They all come in a case and are complete with two packages of powder you can test and calibrate your detector.

Retail Session

Swing by our booth, and browse through a selection of authentic (obviously!) vintage t-shirts, offered up for sale by Henry from FinalFlame and Chaz from Top Shelf Wrestling Finds and a few other surprise vendors to be announced!

Chris from 1980 Something Co. will get guest hosting this session.

1-3 pm
Free Live Expert Feedback & Appraisal
 (limit 1 shirt per attendee!)
Our experts will be appearing live, for a 2-hour window, where you'll be able to have your t-shirt legit-checked by a Legiteem8 expert.  It's the exact same premium "Expert Feedback" service we charge for on the app, it's just in person, and free!

All you have to do is bring your t-shirt to the booth between 1 and 3pm, and flash our app on your phone, and it's complimentary!

So if you've just made a purchase at the event and want to double-check it - stop by! Or, if you've got a shirt in your collection you've always wondered about, bring it with you to the event.

Three of our authenticators will be available during this two-hour window.

Henry from FinalFlameVintage (Anime, Cartoon, Video Games, Disney, Marvel tees)
Chaz from TopShelfWrestlingFinds (Wrestling tees)
Alex from MyThrift Deal (Sports, soccer tees)

3-5 pm
VR Experience
(limit session per attendee!)

We teamed up with Alex from VTGDAO to create a VR gallery you're going to want to immerse yourself in. Stop by our booth between 3 and 5 pm, strap on the latest VR headset from Meta, and take a stroll through our virtual gallery filled with some amazing vintage t-shirt grails (NFT-based authenticated, of course) and we've also showcased our experts in VR, along with a few other surprises you might find in there...

We hope to see you there!

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