Mono has been buying band tees since he was a teen in the late 90s. His collection grew exponentially throughout the 2000s and in 2011 he decided to open an eBay store.

"As a musician. I love collecting anything related to music. Hear the music, wear the music," he told us.

Mono is a bass player, at one time he played for a popular indie alt-rock band in Malaysia called The Times. The band played concerts all over Malaysia, participated in music festivals, and went on to tour across Asia.

They released their first shirt in 2004, which means it's nearly officially vintage.
"Local collectors have texted me, asking if I kept that shirt. They're hunting for 90s to early y2k local Indie band t-shirts," Mono said.

Mono recently opened a physical store called HEAVY SOUL VINTAGE located at Riverside Shopping Complex Kuching, in Malaysia.

  • Expertise: 1990s Alternative, Rock, Brit Pop, Oasis
  • Years of Experience: 10+
  • Location: Kuching, Malaysia

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