Legiteem8 has customers covered with an amazing panel of t-shirt veterans, but "vintage" is now shifting into the early 2000s. We needed to bring in an expert to handle the modern vintage era, which is now actively being targeted by counterfeiters.

Enter Jonathan, who used to buy band tees at shows when he was younger and the idea of having an original shirt from the past slowly started to grow on him. By 2014 he began to ramp up his collection and expanded to movie, anime, rap, and video game tees.

More recently, he started privately sourcing vintage t-shirts for customers until he decided to focus on branding his niche. In 2019 he launched an online shop, @cloaked.in.black, that has gained a cult following due to exclusive, curated drops.

When asked about vintage t-shirt authentication, his passion is obvious.

"I’ve watched the trend of certain shirts rise and with that came replicas and fakes. I have been burned before a few times and the idea of authenticating something to ensure someone is receiving the real deal is satisfying. I always helped people authenticate shirts over the years being that I’ve had some of the most sought-after ones pass through me multiple times. I’ve always been into authenticating brands previous to vintage, so when I Incorporated vintage into my own wardrobe, I knew I had to continue to do that for others."

Expertise: 1990s, 2000 Movie, Rock, Anime, Rap
Years of Experience: 8
Location: New York, USA

Use the authenticator referral code ARC99 during checkout to have your authentication performed by Jonathan.