Alex grew up going to garage sales with his dad, and after moving to Seattle in 2018 he went to the bins for the first time and never looked back. Hooked by the treasure hunt, he started My Thrift Deal at the beginning of 2019 selling everything from a random leather wallet to tees and everything in between. Over the years, he has grown into more of a collector than a reseller and specializes in his passion: sports.

Currently, Alex has 300-400 tees in his collection. He sources his inventory from around the world and has great relationships with collectors in Europe and Asia, and this allows him to find pieces that people in the US have never seen before.

Alex grew up playing all sports, and was extremely competitive with soccer. Had it not been for a hamstring injury, he would've played in college, but his love for the game has never waned. Alex religiously watches sports, and this combined with the amount of volume of tees he sees uniquely positions him as an authenticator for the sports genre.

He also has an extensive background in web3, and earlier this year he launched the Vintage Punk NFT series as well as @vintagedao. The Vintage DAO was created to be a communal space for people in vintage to work together on shared goals. Membership to the DAO is as easy as purchasing a Vintage Punk NFT. This past July, the Vintage DAO hosted its first in-person event (the Seattle Vintage Fest) which drew in over 350 people.

You can catch him live on WhatNot (username is Thrifting) or hosting his own lives on IG for Soccer Sunday or Crypto Night.

  • Expertise: Sports: Soccer, Football, Basketball
  • Years of Experience: 10+
  • Location: Los Angeles, CA

Use authenticator referral code ALEX during checkout to have your authentication performed by the man himself.