Johnny is an exceptional collector of vintage video game apparel, with a particular focus on promotional Nintendo shirts from 1985 to 2001 and Halo shirts from 2000 to 2011. He has a great interest in these niche areas of collecting and has dedicated considerable time and effort to compiling an expansive library of original merchandising documents and apparel. What sets Johnny apart is not only his impressive collection but his unmatched combination of legal knowledge, printing experience, industry connections, and passion.

As a practicing attorney with a background in Copyright and Trademarks, Johnny brings a wealth of legal knowledge to the vintage scene. His familiarity with the video game industry's brand licensing history enables him to identify and authenticate rare and valuable pieces with great precision. Johnny also maintains a managerial role in the Esports Bar Association and frequently interacts with video game company executives, developers, and merchandisers. He regularly consults with these individuals to gain insight into the design, production, and distribution of both modern and vintage video game apparel, further expanding his knowledge and expertise in the field.

In addition to his legal background, Johnny obtained a degree in Printmaking and spent three years of his undergraduate studies managing a screen printing studio. With his granular understanding of printing techniques and materials, Johnny is able to recognize and date subtle differences in fabrics, inks, textures, and registration. This level of detail is crucial in the vintage community, where bootlegs and counterfeits are commonly misrepresented to the detriment of unsuspecting purchasers.

Johnny's contributions to the video game apparel-collecting community have been invaluable, and we are very excited to add him to the Legiteem8 team! Use authenticator referral code JOHNNY during checkout to have Johnny authenticate your video game apparel.