"I have been collecting for about 17 years now. I come from a thrifting family so buying second-hand clothing was a way of life for us. Being the youngest of 8 children the main way we got 'cool' clothing was at thrift stores and yard sales. I still have some pieces from when I was just a wee little lad that we plan on passing down to our future children."

Henry has been reselling since 2006 when he was still in high school to make some extra money for his personal collection. In 2017 he started reselling full-time, but it only represents a fraction of his involvement in the vintage industry.

He's the founder and host of The People’s Flea International live auctions. The People's flea runs 8-10 hour live auction streams 7 days a week proudly featuring vendors from all around the world.

Given the frustrations with using Instagram to host his lives, Henry recently partnered with an amazing team and created an app that is built for and by the vintage community. You can join him weekly on the exchvnge.co app as they roll out new updates and build a true home for the community.

"When it comes to vintage Tees there’s not a lot I haven’t seen. From selling full time having touched thousands upon thousands of pieces or now having the rarest tees in the world regularly run in my auctions, authenticity is paramount. Authentication and appraisals are one of the key elements of what I have been doing for many years. Vintage is surging in value, so it’s inevitable that fakes and reproductions have and are going to pop up more. But together we share knowledge and information to keep our community safe."

Use authenticator code FINALFLAME during checkout to have your authentication performed by Henry.