Doug is among our first authenticators to be boosted to an expert based on his participation on the Legiteem8 app, given his stellar voting record, 100% accuracy based on 488 votes, it was an honor to call him up.

The love of music and an eye for collectibles is in Doug's DNA.

"I was raised by two singers/musicians (Opera & Reggae respectively) at much later ages than most so it’s almost as if I was genetically predisposed to be enamored with the sights, sounds & gems of old. As a kid, I would collect everything from old baseball cards to Motown-era vinyl and would buy, sell or trade them at my second home, the local flea markets," he told us.

Interestingly, his start in the vintage game was somewhat accidental.

"In 2014 myself and some close friends cultivated a movement in Columbus, Ohio that would eventually grow into the underground Los Angeles staple @rar3house. A month before moving to LA we were presented with a very rare opportunity to sublease a storefront; the initial plan was to utilize the space for small events throughout the month but felt we should also have some form of inventory. Without the time or finances to create our own merch at the time we decided to hit the thrifts, as well as, our personal closets and fill the space with nostalgic pieces such as Pokémon cards, old VHS tapes, and of course, vintage t-shirts.

Once in LA, thrifting and collecting vintage slowly grew from a casual way to draw inspiration & make some extra cash to an all-out passion. In 2018 I and some relatives founded @tactluxe and opened a brick-and-mortar in our hometown in 2021," Doug explained.

His dedication to the art of authenticating is impressive.

The modern era of counterfeit tags and more impressive fakes inspired him to develop a keen eye while documenting them, so you can bet your t-shirt is in good hands.

"As the vintage market skyrocketed during and after the pandemic we began to see a quality of fakes hit the market that were previously unheard of, at times fooling even the most seasoned of vets. After being affected by this myself I became obsessed with authenticating. I catalog nearly every noteworthy piece that crosses my hand or eye online, including known fakes, and study the details/contrasts daily to ensure authenticity to my patrons and clientele."

Doug's contributions to the app thus far have been exactly what we hoped for from the Legiteem8 community so we're very excited to add him to the Legiteem8 team!

  • Expertise: Sports: Late 1980s, 1990s, 2000s Rap, Rock, Movie, Black History, Sports, Mosquitohead, Heaven Smiles.
  • Years of Experience: 8+
  • Location: Columbus, OH / Los Angeles, CA

Use authenticator referral code DOUG during checkout to have him authenticate your vintage t-shirts.