Eds has been collecting tees since the late 80s, but his first official band tee purchase was a holy one - a 1990s Stryper tee.

In 2007 he rekindled his hobby and started buying tees on eBay - like a kid in a candy store he was amazed that he was able to find the tees he could previously never get his hands on.

"Sometime in 2012, I decided to post some of my collection to Defunkd's web section for collectors. Obviously, I'd post a big portion of my shoegaze/dream pop band tees, to which a fellow member made an insulting comment saying that they were, 'boring, worthless' and that I should stop posting. Well, I'm sure glad I didn't, ha!"

Eds went on to stockpile an overwhelming collection of over 1000 tees, so he began selling them in 2013. Eventually, his hobby-turned-business was booming and by 2015 it enabled him to quit his gig in the radio Industry to focus on family. He still dabbles in voice-over work and is considering writing again someday.

But for now, and always, he's a music aficionado at heart. He loves being in touch with fellow fans, and people in fashion and especially loves when he sees his tees end up in magazines or TV shows.

Eds brings a particularly interesting set of niche expertise to Legiteem8. He's extremely well-versed in 1990s Shoegaze, Alt Rock, Indie pop, Electronica as well as 1980s New Wave and Sophisti-pop.

  • Expertise: 1990s Shoegaze, Alt Rock, Indie Rock, Electronica
  • Years of Experience: 10+
  • Location: Bandung, Indonesia

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