Chaz started collecting wrestling tees the moment he attended his first live pro wrestling event as a kid. On June 30th, 1997 his grandpa took him to WCW Nitro and bought him a Hollywood Hogan Rip Away tee. What's even cooler - young Chaz was actually seen wearing the shirt during the broadcast.

Chaz made a point of collecting shirts from every event he attended and very quickly stockpiled an impressive collection. In 2014 he started reselling on eBay after discovering a few wrestling tees at a thrift store - and being surprised by how much value they had online. He's been eBay's go-to wrestling source for nearly 20 years and has maintained an impressive 100% positive feedback rating.

In 2017, he started Top Shelf Wrestling Finds, and in 2020, amid the pandemic, he hosted the first-ever all-wrestling shirt live auction. It went on to become a regular phenomenon with thousands of unique viewers, creating a platform for vendors all over the world to sell their wrestling merch.

In 2021 when the world began to open back up, Top Shelf Wrestling Finds created Wrestleswap, the first-ever event focused on wrestling t-shirts while also including all forms of wrestling merchandise, entertainment, and vintage.

Chaz's expertise in this niche is unparalleled. "It’s rare I come across a shirt I have not seen. I am familiar with what they should look like, the tags they usually come on."

Expertise: 1980s, 1990s, 2000s Wrestling
Years of Experience: 25
Location: Las Vegas, USA

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