Hikki, who resides in Tokyo, Japan, has been collecting vintage t-shirts for over two decades. Ten years ago he decided to focus exclusively on Nirvana tees and today he's celebrated as the world's top collector.

Last year Hikki made waves in the vintage t-shirt community after paying $8500 for a single Nirvana tee - and he revealed that he's spent over $60k for his entire collection.

Given his vast collection of Nirvana tees, Hikki brings a very unique niche authenticator quality to our app. With over 150 Nirvana tees within arms reach, he can instantly access physical versions of the shirt in question in order to perform precise comparisons.

His extreme dedication to this collection has landed him an Instagram following of over 10,000 loyal followers.

His hunt for rare Nirvana tees never ends, if you have a rare vintage Nirvana tee, you'd be wise to reach out to him first.

  • Expertise: Nirvana
  • Years of Experience: 10+
  • Location: Tokyo, Japan

Use code HIKKI during checkout to have your Nirvana authentication performed by Hikki.